Recording Sound at Kingdom Halls – A Basic Guide

A common question we get at KHRecordings is “How do we stream our meetings with your service?” There are two basic elements for making this happen:

Firstly – You need a method to take the audio from the sound desk (commonly known as the “Record Line”, “Line Out” or “Headphone” socket from the sound desk) and feed it into the computer.

Secondly – we provide you with software that takes that audio signal from the computer and sends it to our main servers for other brothers and sisters to listen to it.

The process for connecting the sound desk to the computer is as follows:

You will probably only have to get at least these two parts for this:

Other optional types of cable you might need are:

You will need to establish which type of cable you need for the sound desk side, and which type of cable you will need for the computer/laptop side.

You may not need the adapter. The only time that you need the adapter is if you are recording from a sound desk that has a 6.35mm output jack.

Once you have your cable and adapter you are ready to plug them into your laptop/computer.


Take a look at the back of your computer. You should see 3 to 9 round jacks towards the middle of your computer they may be next to a large yellow plug that looks kind of like a monitor plug. They may or may not be labeled but they should be color coded. The colors tell you what jack is what. The only jack that we are interested in is the red jack. The red jack is for a microphone or some other kind of input. There may be a small picture that is supposed to look something like microphone or the letters mic next to the red jack.

Typical Mic Port on Back of Computer
Typical Mic Port on Back of Computer


Take a look around the laptop edges – you will likely find a headphone socket, but you may also find a socket with a picture that looks like a microphone. You may find only a single “headset” port with a picture that looks like a pair of headphones and a microphone in the middle, these ports will need a headset splitter (above).

Typical Mic Port on a Laptop (red port)
Typical Mic Port on a Laptop (red port)

Finally a number of laptops may not have a microphone interface at all – in this case you will need an audio interface for those laptops to support recording audio.  Contact us for recommended interfaces and we will do our best to help!

Typical Laptop Headset Port
Typical Laptop Headset Port

Now plug in one end of your 1/8 inch (3.5mm) cable into this red jack, it doesn’t matter which end. If your recording source has a 1/8 inch headphone connector you don’t need to use the adapter. You will generally want to record from the headphone jack.

Your Done!

Once you’ve connected the single cable simply install the app onto your computer and hit the “Connect” button and your away!