Questions for Congregations

First – thanks for considering the use of KH Recordings in your congregation – There are many Brothers and Sisters  who are unable to enjoy the face to face association of being at their local congregation in person are at least enjoying the spiritual encouragement they get from listening to their own congregation every meeting by using KH Recordings.

But we’re sure you have a few questions yourself and we hope these questions will assist you in your decision on whether KHRecordings will benefit your congregation.

How does it work? What do we need?

How it Works

Your congregation sends the sound from your sound control desk to a laptop or encoder – this is up to you however most congregations tend to use the laptop for practicality reasons – a number of congregations use them for playing kingdom songs and videos etc and so its a natural extension of this process.

The brother on the sound desk simply presses “Connect” when they turn on the laptop & “Disconnect” at the end of the meeting. We recommend starting the broadcast as soon as possible to enable brothers & sisters to set up their listening experience. Song congregations leave the main speaker mic on as well so those at home can get some of the atmosphere.

The KH Recordings system receives your sound in real time and it then publishes this live stream for use by Brothers/Sisters.

Brothers & Sisters need a username and password to access the service, it is a single username and password for the whole congregation – this means its easy for overseers to support brothers and sisters. In addition to the login details everyone is requested to type in their names onto the logon screen.

Example Logon Screen

At the end of the meeting the live broadcast is turned into a recording that is made available for brothers and sisters to listen to for up to 2 weeks later. This is a completely automatic process, both the creation of the recordings and the removal of recordings older than 2 weeks old.

Does this allow people to dial in by telephone?

At present KH Recordings does not have a phone link option – although this has been looked at, the focus has been principally at a high quality sound feed with as many different ways  of listening as possible.

Many congregations however have found they save significant costs through using this service in conjunction with more traditional services by cutting their subscriptions to half the lines, or simply only providing audio through the internet but recordings made available immediately after the meeting for those without access to the internet .

Is there a limit to the number of listeners?

There is a standard limit of 32 connections into our service per congregation – however if this is not enough – please let us know and we will be happy to arrange a higher limit as necessary.

How much bandwidth is needed to stream the meeting from the kingdom hall?

The stream consumes around 12 kB/s upload (0.012 mB/s) and less than 100kB/s peak download so is extremely lightweight – it can consume even less upstream for a very small drop in audio quality if bandwidth is a particular quality. We have congregations with less than 1MB/s download using the service successfully.

What devices can listeners use to benefit from the broadcast?

Listeners have the option of many different ways of listening to recordings:

  • Through a web browser (this works on Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry devices – including computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones)
  • A dedicated iOS App for use on Apple iPhones and iPads
  • A dedicated Roku Channel for use on many different Roku’s

We  never charge listeners using the service either through direct or indirect mechanisms (e.g. through app stores etc).

How is the service financed?

We have no commercial sponsorships and certainly no advertising – the only charge for the whole year is £100 GBP, this covers a single congregation with up to 32 live connections to the live broadcast and a rolling 2 weeks of continuous recordings as well as support, maintenance and new listener features (such as new apps etc). Invoices are raised automatically to nominated email addresses and all invoices are made out to the Congregation in question (except when specifically requested not to).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments either by Credit/Debit Cards, Cheques or Bank Transfers – the simplest is using our online payment system allowing you to pay directly with a Credit or Debit Card.

What about multiple congregations in a single Kingdom Hall?

The charge is for a single congregation – this means every congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses will be able to benefit from their own individual website, username & password and separate 2 weeks of recordings. If you use a single user account on the laptop for multiple congregations, you will have a different “icon” for each congregation so the sound servant will connect using the correct program.

How do I find out more information / speak to someone?

By all means please do contact us by going to our contact us page – we will be happy to answer any questions you still have.