You’ve Just Made a Great Choice!

First thanks for choosing to trial KH Recordings! The benefits for your congregation will be clear from your first broadcast onwards! Why do we say that? Well, quite simply –

  • Brothers and Sisters who are elderly and infirm will be able to listen back to recordings either live or on a catch-up  style service when they may feel more able to listen.
  • They will be able to listen on a range of Internet connected devices – whether that be the popular Roku TV Sticks, through iPhones, iPads, Android Devices or even their Computers. If it connects to the Internet – it can connect to KH Recordings!

But, before you take the plunge and sign-up:

Can we just remind all brothers that you need to have the permission of either the sound overseer, body of elders or operating committee to sign up for the trial. That way things run super smoothly!

Wait – I wanted to listen to my meetings?

No problem, you just need to connect into your KH Recordings site instead then – click here to find your congregation and your group overseer will have your password details ready for you to use!

Can’t wait any longer? Click here to setup your Congregation for a free 30 day no commitment trial!