Do you have broadband installed in your kingdom hall?

One of the interesting areas of late has been what can kingdom halls do with High speed internet connections in Kingdom Halls.

Do you find your kingdom hall broadband wifi connection bogs down or disconnects regularly?

If so – There are many different reasons for this and we can offer help and advice in this area, feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat about the common issues.

In our local congregation – We have been coming up with some interesting ideas that we’d like others to benefit from heres a quick rundown of our top uses.

Wifi for elders & ministerial servants:

This is the most common Kingdom hall usage area, allowing elders and ministerial servants to have access to up to the minute information from – however, how do you stop others from using the connection as well? what about accessing other websites? These are considerations that need to be made when choosing how to use your broadband connections.

Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi has a lot of benefits, it allows brothers and sisters to access timely information from areas like or translation services such as from the internet both before, during and after the sessions. Of course providing open access to the internet would not be a particularly good idea so effective filtering should be in place as well. KHRecordings runs a service that effectively filters out everything but the core sites automatically for you, so you can be safe in the knowledge that brothers and sisters can use their tablets in the meetings for accessing the correct information .

Get in touch with us using the contact us page for more information regarding these options

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  1. I am the secretary for the Fredericktown Missouri congregation. We all currently using khconf for home bound ones. However we are limited to how many can listen in to meetings. We are interested in learning more about your service. For instance how much a month and how many can hookup at once?

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