KH Recordings has been designed to assist congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses to connect elderly and infirm members to meetings. The recordings are broadcast live and you are able to listen back to meetings up to 2 weeks later – all in high definition audio quality!

Listen Live

Being able to listen to high audio quality meetings on your laptop, computer, Roku box, or smart device (phone or tablet) in real time means you can focus on the spiritual content instead of being distracted by noisy lines, sounds from other phone connections or just at a higher volume.

Listen Again

If you weren’t well enough to attend, chances are you were also not well enough to listen live – KH Recordings unique ability is being able to provide your congregation with password protected access to your meetings for two weeks, listen live or listen again! Again you can do this on iOS, Roku, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac devices – in fact, if it runs a browser or is supported on ann app store – your congregation attendees have everything they need to access KH Recordings!

Know who’s listening and when

Of course – its also beneficial who was listening, how many, and where from as well. KH Recordings also provides the sound servant (or attendant if you choose) with a web page that updates in real time with the latest “listener stats” meaning you will know exactly who’s listening so group overseers are able to provide assistance wherever needed. Additionally this information is retrievable for previous meetings as needed as well.


KH Recordings provides a service to allow Kingdom Halls the means to record their meetings into accessible MP3 files that can be used by brothers and sisters locally to either listen live to the broadcast or to listen again.


You can access the high definition audio of KH Recordings in different ways:

  • You can just type in the web address, click play on the broadcast you want to listen to and go!
  • You can download the KH Recordings Player App and enjoy listening from the comfort of your own smart device (Apple iOS Devices currently supported
  • The KH Recordings Channel is also available on the ROKU Channel Store – add it to your lineup today!

KHRecordings Channel available on the Channel Store
KH Recordings Channel available on the Channel Store
KHRecordings App available on iOS
KH Recordings App available on iPhone and iPad from the App Store