Listeners Help Accessing KHRecordings

Web browsers available
Web browsers available


Your browser is your program (or app) you use to access the internet – you use it to access sites like google, amazon, or If your not sure what a browser is – take a look at this guide from the BBC – it gives a useful idea of the basics of web browsers.



Your browser will have a means to type an “Address” in (it’s also mentioned as a “Location” or “URL” in some browsers) – Type the following in, followed by the Enter (↵) key:

The ID, your personal username & password can be requested from your group study overseer

It will ask for a username & password – see your group study overseer for this – type these in and press the Enter key

You can Play & Download
You can Play & Download


On the site you will be able to “Listen Live” this means if the meeting is on, you will be able to hear the broadcast whilst it happens.

You will also be able to “Listen Again” to older broadcasts up to 2 weeks later and even download them to listen on another device. copying them onto USB drives allows you to play them on stereo’s, car radios, and many other pieces of sound equipment


Supported Software:

The khrecordings system is designed to work with many modern browsers on mobile devices, such as tablets & phones, as well as laptops and PC’s. The system has been tested with Windows and Apple computers as well as safari, internet explorer 9, google chrome, firefox as well as any webkit based browser. There have also been strides to make the site work with older browsers, however you may not get the best experience as you would with a newer one.

It still doesnt work!

If you need further information or help, do not hesitate to speak to your group overseer, sound assistant or any brother or sister familiar with using the system already. If you’ve found any problems with the website though, feel free to let us know on the contact page

Useful tools:

You may find this printable guide useful:

Accessing the meeting recording system – Generic 1.1

KHRecordings Link





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